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Editorial: Last month I printed an article from the 19 December, 2002 Sydney Morning Herald concerning the Department of Community Services (DOCS). I received an email from an Australian pastor referencing his and others involvement with DOCS. With his permission I have edited his email.

"No amount of money will solve the problems of the Department of Community Services. Several people have shared with me their experiences with DOCS."

One person spent over $50,000 to defend their daughter against false allegations by DOCS. One man’s wife left him taking their children with her. She then lived with "19 different men over a period of twelve months." There was a natural concern for the children living in such a situation so DOCS was informed. DOCS told the person concerned that "It is none of our business, and it is none of yours."

This pastor went on to relate information regarding the Muslim situation here in Australia and the Philippines. He said a conservative State Parliamentarian "said at a public meeting that a Baptist Church in Sydney regularly gets stoned by Muslims. He is certain that the Muslims have set 2020 as the date when they will take over Australia."

The pastor went on to say that he "recently spent a month in the Philippines. In the town where I was staying the town council will not issue permits to Muslims to open a business in the town."

Editor’s Comment: This isn’t the first time I have heard unbelievable stories about DOCS. I have read articles in the newspaper concerning DOCS that are unbelievable. One I remember is where DOCS left children in the home of parents who were heavy drug users but DOCS had some reason for doing such.

As to the Muslims stoning the Baptist Church in Sydney it is not a story the mainline papers would print or be heard on the nightly Television newscast. According to most news commentators the violence is only performed by the radical Islamic minority. In the Sydney Morning Herald 3 January 03 there was a Jerusalem Post article CATCHING THE EYE OF THE GODLESS BLINDS THE WISE MEN IN THEIR WAR OF WORDS by Mark Steyn. Steyn wrote "on Christmas Day in Pakistan, three little girls died and many more were injured when burqa-clad terrorists launched a grenade attack on their church. These girls died because they were Christian. They were not alone. In the past year from Nigeria to the Sudan to Pakistan to Indonesia, hundreds of Christians have been killed because of their faith – and the A-list archbishops have nothing to say." and neither does the mainline news!

WorldNet 31 December 2002


"State considers space-based technology to collect revenue.

The state of Oregon is considering the use of satellite technology to charge taxes based on how much mileage you drive your car.

The Road User Fee Task Force set up by lawmakers last year plans to ask the 2003 session to authorize testing of a vehicle-mileage tax, reports the Associated Press.

Oregon was the first state back in 1919 to adopt a gas tax, and today officials expect revenues to flatten as gas mileage improves and more hybrid cars come on line.

Jim Whitty, the task force administrator, says his group is looking at a per-mile charge of up to 1.25 cents to generate funds comparable to the current gas tax.

The device in each car would be linked to a Global Positioning Satellite system, or GPS, which allows pinpoint navigation by bouncing signals off satellites."

If Oregon lawmakers approve the proposal there would then be an evaluation period of one year to see if the system works.

"There are several options for actually collecting fees. One is to send vehicle owners a monthly bill, another is to outfit gas stations so they can read vehicle transponders and collect the tax at fueling stops.

A final decision on the proposal is not expected to come until the 2005 legislative session at the earliest."

Editor’s Comment: Have you ever heard the saying "at least the air we breathe is free." Is it?

Australian Victorian Council of Churches Web page, October 2002

"History was made at a worship service held at the Karingal Uniting Church on the afternoon of Sunday, 20 October, when the Rev. Peter Ghaliniyi commenced his ministry in cooperating local congregations of the Lutheran Church in Australia and the Uniting Church in Australia. This was the first time in Australia that LCA and UCA congregations had entered into such a local sharing of worship, mission, and ministry. The Karingal UCA congregation and the Lutheran congregation of St. Peter’s, Frankston, now worship together on a weekly basis."

Editor’s Comment: This is the result of ecumenism and the direction toward a one world church.

The following is an edited message to the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF THE LOCAL ECUMENISM COMMISSION of the Victorian Council of Churches 18 May, 2002. Emphasis has been added throughout the article by the Editor (DCB).

"I sensed a call to ministry and was ordained as a Baptist Minister in 1973. My first appointment was to the Mordialloc church.

I found great acceptance in the Interchurch Council. The Catholics at Mordialloc were far more gracious to the Baptists than the Baptists were to the Catholics. We Baptists were more than a little tentative but we were won over by grace. I am happy to say that there is a strong ecumenical spirit in that congregation today.

From Mordialloc I went to be the Youth Minister at Blackburn. Ecumenism was more difficult there. However we were able to do some good things with the Uniting Church through a Youth Refuge and Accommodation Service we had established.

In 1980 I moved to the western suburbs to become one of the pastors of what was to become the Westgate Baptist Community. It is much easier to foster ecumenism in a smaller struggling church. We know we need each other and we have less to protect or lose.

I dived into the ecumenical scene in Yarraville because I needed it for my own nurture and survival. Some of the clergy I met in those years were extremely helpful to me.

Ernie Smith was the assistant priest at St Augustine’s and was establishing a parish based mission community in Yarraville.

He had the beautiful photo of the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury kneeling together in prayer. I commented on it. He said something like," The people of Yarraville couldn’t care less if the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury kneel down to pray together but they are very interested to know that the local Catholic priest and the local Baptist pastor have lunch together."

Randall Deasy was the Anglican priest at St Pauls and St Lukes.

The Baptist Community took Randall to their hearts and made him an honorary member.

The Baptist Union of Victoria can be characterized by a few… words or phrases.

We are diverse.

"We have conservative, fundamentalist churches ….We have churches which I think would fit more comfortably with the Pentecostal denominations…We have churches with a radical social justice agenda."

Editor’s Comment: John 10:27 "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me" which would be out of the Victorian Baptist Union and the Victorian Council of Churches!

Sydney Morning Herald (SMH hereafter) WAS MARY A TEENAGE MUM? December 24 2002

"A BBC program that suggested the Virgin Mary might have been 13 when she gave birth to Jesus has prompted more than 500 complaints.

The program, called Virgin Mary, speculated that she was probably just 13 when she gave birth. It also considered, before rejecting, the possibility that the Virgin Mary became pregnant after being raped by a Roman soldier.

The show also raised doubts about the birth of Jesus in a Bethlehem stable and the presence of the Three Wise Men.

Before the show was broadcast, the Catholic Bishop of Portsmouth, Crispian Hollis, expressed his displeasure in a statement.

He said: ‘To include, within a historical examination of her life, confused and unfounded guesswork, which carries with it crude and offensive speculation, is not only unscholarly but runs the risk of undermining the very integrity of the project itself.’

But a BBC spokeswoman said today that Bishop Hollis was commenting before the program was aired and was basing his views on ‘misleading reports’ that the show suggested Mary had been raped.

‘The program made it quite clear that this was anti-Christian slander circulated about 100 years after Jesus's death,’ the spokeswoman said.

Alan Bookbinder, the producer of the program, argued last night the show had ‘respect for the special place Mary has in the hearts of believers’ and ‘gave a sense of wonder at her miraculous story’.

Speaking on BBC Radio Five Live, Bookbinder said the BBC had shown plenty of traditional Christmas services that remained inside the ‘comfort zone’ of believers.

But the corporation also had a responsibility to make more thought-provoking religious programming, he said.

The prime time program was watched by 3.3 million viewers."

Editor’s Comment: Really, what do we expect the world to do with those things which relate to our Lord? I did not see the show but from the article it is blasphemous and sadly was watched by so many people. This isn’t about the "comfort zone" of believers but "sound doctrine" from the Word of God. This show without doubt did not have "sound doctrine" and therefore was false and to be rejected!

Spurgeon - HOW CAN YOU SAVE SOULS WITHOUT A COMMITTEE? "Don't you know that without a committee you can do nothing? O for apostolical simplicity, going everywhere preaching the word, and consecrating the labor of every believer to soul winning!"

Yours against apostasy and for Biblical truth, David C. Bennett

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