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JUNE 2003 #2

Dr. David C. Bennett, Editor (DCB)

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Email from a missionary with the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism serving in South Africa, 25 February, 2003. Hopefully this will wake up some fundamental independent Baptist pastors who are still supporting ABWE missionaries. If a man stays with ABWE he is not a separatist! (Edited by DCB with some words highlighted by the editor)

The ABWE missionary wrote this editor saying "we are doing specific training in music, drama, creative writing, puppets, graphic arts- painting, sculpting, movement/dance. This is our context, and it fits. Our concern is that we help our people and especially our young people to understand that God gave us these things to enjoy, and so we must develop them for His glory and honor, not for self gain. We are endeavoring to create a Biblically centered perspective/alternative to going to the world for training. Again, in our context, we will not have music/worship leadership in the future if we do not do something about this. The opportunities are just not out there like they are in the states.

We also have a desire to help our people to have tools that can be used to evangelize. The arts, are unique in that people generally recognize and appreciate creative expression. Our goal is to do this in a way that is God focused so that others can be won to Christ. This is very relevant in our context, and we believe that we can do this without compromise."

Editorís Comment: I am sure this man is sincere but he is Biblically incorrect? Biblical missions is not "training in music, drama, creative writing, puppets, graphic arts- painting, sculpting, movement/dance"! This is nothing but new evangelicalism evangelism. This is out and out COMPROMISE with the world. A Bible believing fundamental separated Baptist church supporting any ABWE missionary is affiliated with this compromise by association.

The Association of Baptists for World Evangelism Spring 2003 Message: MISSIONS AND THE TERROR OF DISEASE: AIDS MINISTRIES IN AFRICA page 17 (Edited by DCB with some words highlighted by the editor) "ABWE seeks to develop a comprehensive strategy to reach both those who are dying and those who are left behind. We will teach abstinence and prevention to the children and adults who are not yet HIV positive and work with other believers in the local churches to implement ministries of compassion and education. I have a particular burden for orphaned children whose lives have been devastated by their parentsí bad choices.

Upon arriving in Durban, I will join national Christians with a heart for this ministry, missionary appointee Amy Wood, and the current ABWE team of missionaries. Research will be our first step. Abstinence rallies, seminars in schools, student counseling ministries, youth ministry, basic life skills seminars, and discipleship and counseling through the local churches will all be conducted as a strategy for effectively reaching these people. The needs in South Africa are great, but we serve an even greater Savior."

Editorís Comment: ABWE is going down the same social gospel road as the ecumenical new evangelical. Again a separatist Baptist church should not have anything to do with ABWE!

The Association of Baptists for World Evangelism Summer 2003 Message: INSIGHT: CONFRONTING CULTURAL CHANGE by Dr. Rex M. Rogers, president of Cornerstone University (Edited by DCB with some words highlighted by the Editor) "Contemporary Christians face the irony of knowing the Savior who changed our hearts, but not knowing how to evaluate change in the culture around us. Even as contemporary "postmodern" culture promotes a vigorous moral relativism, perhaps the most significant threat to biblical truth in the past millennium, we often equate our preferred cultural forms and practices, for example, music styles, fashion codes, or church worship format, with biblical Christianity.

God gave us the right amount of moral absolutes, ones that are applicable for every person thatís ever lived or ever will live. But Christians too often try to "help God" and "add to Godís list," creating their own standards of right and wrong that go beyond Godís commands, and creating their own subcultures. When we harden the boundaries between us and the world, we lose our ability to infiltrate and influence the culture around us.

Instead of making our own "holy lists," we must develop a biblically Christian worldview. A Christian worldview is theistically focused, biblically grounded, thoroughly and self-consciously Christian, coherent, and comprehensive. With a Christian worldview, we can both care for the world (the Cultural Mandate) and carry the message (the Great Commission). ÖAfter we develop our understanding of social change in the context of a Christian worldview and grasp the principles God provided us for applying and enjoying Christian liberty, we can then focus on the two great commands God gave us for Christian behavior.

If Christians are going to fulfill their Cultural Mandate and Great Commission responsibilities, they must understand contemporary culture in their countries and their mission fields.

Redeeming culture, not fearing culture or cultural change, is and should be the Christianís modus operandi. We are charged by the Sovereign God and our Lord to make the most of every opportunity on his behalf until he comes back. We are agents in his Kingdom work. No cultural challenge, no matter how severe, has ever diminished, much less defeated, Jesus Christ or biblical Christianity."

Editorís Comment: ABWE has been new evangelical for many years but this is really dangerous ground upon which they are treading. The Lord Jesus did not tell His churches to redeem culture but to go into all the world and preach the gospel, Mark 16:15. God will then change hearts and lives through the power of His gospel which will in turn influence the culture.

How far must ABWE go before fundamental independent Baptist churches cease their support?

Yours against apostasy and for Biblical truth,

David C. Bennett, Titus 2:13

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