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Australian Independent Baptist Newsletter

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September 2006

Dr. David C. Bennett, Editor (DCB)

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Purpose: To inform and warn God's people of religious social, and political events in today's world.


Standing unashamedly for the King James Bible Ottumwa Courier,
Ottumwa,Iowa, USA- ARE ‘GUARDIAN ANGELS’ AMONG US? (Edited by DCB) "Do you ever get the feeling something is about to happen and then it does? According to two consultants from the Americana Leadership College, these feelings could be a person’s spirit guide helping them." These spirit guides are also known as guardian angels and they are "a soul from another dimension that is sent to help people on earth with their problems, they claim." These "Spirit guides are souls that have mastered the Earth and now they are out flowing to people here." The founder of the Americana Leadership College (ALC) says: "You are a soul with a body, not a body with a soul." "You came to planet earth to find yourself. Happiness, success and abundance are already yours. All you need to do is become a master of yourself." The ALC says "These spiritual helpers are known by many names; guides, angels, the Comforter, Holy Spirit, archetypes, ascended masters, etc. They are not holy, they are whole. They are one with all things."

Editor’s Comment: The ALC is a teacher of pantheism and sadly some in that community where I was reared paid the $10 to attend one of the seminars! 1John 4:1 "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world." 1 Chronicles 10: 13, 14 "So Saul died for his transgression which he committed against the LORD, even against the word of the LORD, which he kept not, and also for asking counsel of one that had a familiar spirit, to enquire of it; And enquired not of the LORD: therefore he slew him…"

The Daily Telegraph, Sydney, Australia 26 August, 2006 FANATICS FREE TO SPREAD HATRED (Edited by DCB) "THEY spread leaflets in suburban Sydney calling for jihad to destroy Israel - but the Federal Government can find no reason to outlaw extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir. The group produces and distributes a graphic pamphlet which claims Israel has no right to exist and uses key dates in the Muslim calendar to signal the coming destruction of the Jewish state." "Jewish university students were targeted and forced to hide their traditional skullcaps beneath baseball caps to avoid abuse, while attacks on synagogues have increased." The Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman, Mohammed Abdalwahab, said Hizb ut-Tahrir "calls for the non-violent overthrow of governments and the rise of Islamic governments and Sharia law."

Editor’s Comment: "After we, or our children and grandchildren, find ourselves living at the mercy of people with no mercy, what will future generations think of us, that we let this happen because we wanted to placate ‘world opinion’ by not acting ‘unilaterally’? We are fast approaching the point of no return."

The Daily Telegraph Sydney, Australia 30, 2006 August MP OUTLINES SUICIDE TIPS IN PARLIAMENT (Edited by DCB) "AUSTRALIAN Democrats MP Sandra Kanck has detailed ways to commit suicide in a speech to South Australian parliament aimed at provoking a clash with the Federal Government. In an hour-long address, Ms Kanck, a supporter of voluntary euthanasia, used the protection of parliamentary privilege to catalogue ways in which people could take their own lives." South Australia’s Chief Adviser in Psychiatry appealed to the MP "not to make her speech, saying the ramifications could be devastating."

Editor’s Comment: Perhaps Kanck’s electorate will wake up and put her out of office at the next election. "The progression toward euthanasia is inevitable. Once society becomes conformed to a ‘quality of life’ standard for infants, it will more willingly accept the same standard for the elderly."

The Daily Telegraph Sydney, Australia 30 August 2006 POPE TO DEBATE EVOLUTION WITH STUDENTS (Edited by DCB) "POPE Benedict will gather some of his former theology students on Friday for a private weekend debate on evolution and religion, an issue conservative Christians have turned into a political cause in the United States." The Roman Catholic German theologian, Stephan Horn, is organising the meeting. He said the meeting "is an open exchange of ideas that does not aim for a conclusion." He went on to say that the Pope’s meeting with the former theology students "has nothing to do with creationism." Horn said "Catholic theology does not endorse creationist views"

Editor’s Comment: 2Timothy 4:4 "And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables." 29 August 2006 GOV. ARNOLD TOSSES SCHOOL MORAL CODES (Edited by DCB) "The governor yesterday signed a bill that would require all businesses and groups receiving state funding -- even if it's a state grant for a student -- to condone homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality. There is no exception for faith-based organizations or business owners with sincerely held religious convictions, critics note." Karen England, executive director of Capitol Resource Institute, concludes that this legislation "will prevent parochial schools such as private, Christian and other religious institutions from getting financial assistance for students if they maintain a code of conduct that does not endorse such behavior."

Editor’s Comment: How can anyone think a man who played in the sadistic movies Schwarzenegger did is a true conservative?! Proverbs 20:1b "…whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise." BAPTIST WORLD ALLIANCE TO OPEN THEOLOGICAL DIALOGUE WITH CATHOLIC CHURCH 22 August 2006 (Edited by DCB) "The Baptist World Alliance has reemphasised its commission to engage in conversations with other Christian bodies, as it prepares to employ dialogue with the Roman Catholic Church later this year." This should come as no surprise as the constitution of the BWA says: "Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the objectives of the Alliance shall be…to promote understanding and cooperation among Baptist bodies and with other Christian groups, in keeping with our unity in Christ." "From now until 2010, the expected conversations are to include the authority of Christ in Scripture and Tradition, Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, and Hearing the Word of God in the contemporary context, among other topics."

Editor’s Comment: Proverbs 4:14 "Enter not into the path of the wicked, and go not in the way of evil men." summer 2006 Message A LITTLE TASTE OF HEAVEN (Edited by DCB) ABWE’s Dr. Loftis wrote "Can you imagine having a serious discussion over which instruments to use to worship Jesus Christ before people who have never seen an organ?"

Editor’s Comment: I do not think there is too much, if any, discussion in local churches today over the use of an organ in the worship service! Remember, New Evangelicalism does not enter the doors of a local church via a stampede but enters one step at a time and in this case one statement at a time. A statement such as this by Dr. Loftis tells the reader a lot about the man and the organization. summer 2006 Message Editorial SEE ALL THE PEOPLE (Edited by DCB) "This is my first issue as editor of the Message, and I reacted perhaps the same way you have when you saw our theme: North America? I want thrilling stories about God’s work among AIDS victims in Africa or prisoners in the Philippines."

Editor’s Comment: Knowing ABWE has missionaries following Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven philosophy this statement by ABWE’s editor is not surprising. It would not be unexpected if ABWE has not aligned itself with Rick Warren’s P.E.A.C.E. Plan. WAL-MART PARTNERS WITH GAY AND LESBIAN GROUP ALSO HIRES GAY-MARKETING SHOP AS RETAILER WORKS TO ALTER IMAGE 24 August 2006 (Edited by DCB) "COLUMBUS, Ohio ( -- In an unprecedented push, Wal-Mart Stores has hired a gay-marketing shop, joined the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and begun discussions with activist groups about extending domestic-partnership benefits to its employees."

Editor’s Comment: 2 Corinthians 4: 4 "...the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not."

Because of Calvary,

David C. Bennett, D. Min.

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