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Standing unashamedly for the King James Bible

The first two articles in this AIB Newsletter were downloaded in PDF October, 2004 from the Uniting Church in Australia web site. They have been edited due to length and show how apostate the Uniting Church in Australia truly is. If there are any believers left within the Uniting Church in Australia the

"CAN THE CHURCH LISTEN? A video and studies to enable the Church to listen to the stories of gay and lesbian people, an educational process to enable the Uniting Church in Australia to be a more inclusive Church." "These studies are for people who sincerely want to listen to and understand what gay and lesbian people are saying to the church. In order to participate people must be prepared to suspend their judgements and listen as gay and lesbian people tell their stories and theologise about their situation. These studies are about respect for theological difference within the life of the church."

"Different theological understandings can be found in the church today as well as in the history of the church and in the Scriptures. The studies present the issues from a gay and lesbian perspective and ask Can the Church Listen? It is only by taking seriously the experience of gay and lesbian people that the church can truly understand the way that theology and the Scriptures have been used to justify discrimination and exclusion. Gay and lesbian people have a crucial role in this process, just as other discriminated groups within the church have helped to identify and overcome the sexism and racism of the past." "These studies are about what it means to be the church. They are about ordinary people, some are ministers, deacons, elders, organists, youth leaders and many are ordinary members who contribute to the life of the Uniting Church. Some are open about their sexuality and some remain hidden in our churches and live in fear that people might find out who they are, vilify them, shun them and force them to leave the church. There are many who have left the Church altogether because they felt rejected by God and the church. Others have moved to gay and lesbian friendly churches such as the Metropolitan Community Church which has a message that God loves them as special people. Our deepest concern should be for the many people who have left the Church, because the message that they have received is that God does not love them." "The intention of the study process is also to engage the Biblical witness because of the importance and authority of the Scriptures in the way we live our Christian lives. Again it is known that the interpretation of the Scriptures is a heavily contested part of any discussion about the place of gay and lesbian people in relationships within the church. As Christians, our faith and obedience is nourished and regulated by the word of God (Basis of Union paragraph 5). To put this into practice in our daily decision-making means that we must constantly draw on the witness of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures. This is true for gay and lesbian people as they share their lives with us."

Editor’s Comment: Romans 3:18 "There is no fear of God before their eyes."

SEXUALITY AND LEADERSHIP IN THE UNITING CHURCH BIBLICAL AND THEOLOGICAL REFLECTION RESOURCES FOR THE UNITING CHURCH IN AUSTRALIA "The Bible is ‘testimony’. Testimony is a form of human communication. Effective communication requires that you speak the same language or, as a less satisfactory alternative, have the services of a really good translator. You also have to share a similar culture and world view or, failing that, do the best you can with the help of an experienced interpreter. In the case of the Bible, the testimony is written down in ancient languages that few of us can read. To communicate effectively, the Bible’s testimony has to be translated into a language we know, modern English. The Bible’s testimony comes from people who lived thousands of years ago in worlds that are totally foreign to us. As well as this, the testimony is written down in many different forms: history, prayer, hymns, legends, poetry, regulations, letters etc. It’s not enough to get the testimony translated into English. We also need to know what kind of thing we’re reading and about the cultural and historical situation in which it was written. Otherwise we may well misunderstand the point of the testimony. To communicate effectively, that is, the Bible’s testimony has to be interpreted in ways that will make sense to people today. That’s not to say that the Bible can’t communicate with us. Far from it! But the Basis of Union is careful not to underestimate the degree of difficulty. Indeed, for just this reason, ‘God has never left the Church without faithful and scholarly interpreters of Scripture’ (paragraph 11)." "The Uniting Church is heir to the Reformation in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries, the Wesleyan movement in Britain in the 18th century and the worldwide ecumenical movement in the 19th and 20th centuries." "Second only to the Bible, the document which shapes the life of the Uniting Church more than any other is the Basis of Union, finalised in 1971."

"As a child of the modern ecumenical movement, it’s not surprising that the Uniting Church has a strong commitment to Christian unity."

"As it deals with emerging issues the Church seeks to discern God’s will through serious study of the Scriptures, of church tradition and of contemporary Christian and secular thought, through careful and respectful discussion in councils of the Church, and through persistent prayer - seeking always for God to show us the way forward. In this way the Uniting Church seeks to discern and follow God’s will." "In 2000 the Assembly adopted the Code of Ethics and Ministry Practice, which sets out clear guidelines for ministers on sexual behaviour. In particular, it declares that it is inappropriate for ministers to have sexual relationships with anyone with whom they are in a pastoral relationship." "While sexual orientation is not a barrier to considering people for leadership roles in the Church, sexual behaviour is a matter for consideration, for both heterosexual and homosexual applicants. Any person who practices sexual behaviour which the Uniting Church has already determined to be inappropriate e.g. adultery, pedophilia, promiscuity, rape is unacceptable in a leadership role in the Church." "The question of whether people in a committed same gender relationship can be in leadership roles in the Uniting Church is the focus of our current discussion. By a committed same gender relationship, the Church means a relationship, which includes sexual expression, between two people of the same gender, who have made a commitment to each other to live together in love and faithfulness, with the intention of this being a life long relationship." The following is a statement by those in the Uniting Church in Australia who believe homosexuality is a sin. "It must be stressed that orthodox Christians, for whom these passages are instructive, are not bigoted, unscholarly, fundamentalists."

Editor’s Comment: Psalm 106:24 "¼ they believed not his word."

In searching the Internet for information on a certain subject I came across a web site of a GARB church in the North West United States. I found the following interesting:

"Morning Worship 10:00 a.m. The morning worship service is more contemporary with songs of praise and worship, with the lyrics on display with an overhead projector.

Evening Worship 6:00 p.m. The evening worship service is more traditional with music and hymns from a hymnal."

Editor’s Comment: Dr. Peter Masters of the Metropolitan Tabernacle, London, wrote in the Sword and Trowel 2001, No 3 the article THROWING OUT THE PRINCIPLES. He said "Churches which have adopted modern worship songs and music to only a limited degree, must be aware of the deeply significant errors which govern the writers and composers of the new genre. ‘Moderate users' of new worship plug into a radically deviant philosophy of worship, and by doing so train their people (possibly unwittingly) to accept pre-Reformation notions which will lead to ever increasing acceptance of the full-blown contemporary scene." Tim Fisher of Sacred Music Services said "Biblical worship does not originate from musical style." and "Music may be a part of worship--certainly that is true--but worship is not a result of music; it is a result of God's revelation." The Texas Baptist Standard Online 27 October, 2004 SPEAKERS PREDICT SERMONS WILL CHANGE IN NEXT WAVE OF POSTMODERN WORSHIP (Edited by DCB) "In the past half-century, evangelical worship has seen a lot of changes. Music styles have morphed, orders of service have flip-flopped, chalk talks gave way to PowerPoint presentations and pew Bibles and fill-in-the-blank sermon outline forms have appeared. In some cases, the lectern has disappeared, and the speaker has ‘dressed down.’"

Chris Seay, a pastor in Houston, Texas and a "frequent commentator on postmodern culture" said he did not "think we will have master orators much longer," because "Art, dance and music are new forces that will play increasingly larger roles’ if the church is to be relevant to the Millennials, today’s teens and young adults."

Editor’s Comment: Spurgeon said it well in Chapter 10 The Evils of the Present Time, and Our Object, Necessities, and Encouragements of his book AN ALL-ROUND MINISTRY. "This is to go on side by side with the preaching of Thy bleeding sacrifice, O Christ of God! No, brethren, let me correct myself; the preaching of Christ usually ceases when these frivolities come in. These things are so opposed in spirit, that one or the other will have to be dropped; and we know which it will be."

The Texas Baptist Standard Online 27 October, 2004 - EMERGENT CHURCH "REBOOTING" MUSIC AND WORSHIP FOR A NEW GENERATION, SPEAKERS SAY- (Edited by DCB) "The ‘Millennials’—also tagged ‘the Bridge Generation’ and ‘Mosaics’ by sociologists—number between 70 million and 75 million, roughly one-fourth of the U.S. population. They have more formal education and are more racially mixed and multi-cultural than any previous generation. Heavily influenced by the Internet, they process information differently and think more globally. They have grown up in a society of broken marriages and dysfunctional institutions.

They ignore traditional Christianity in massive and growing numbers. And when they do pay attention, it is increasingly in churches with strange names and diffused organization—congregations that stress relationships and where music and art and dance meld with short, interactive conversations about truth and the sacred."

Editor’s Comment: Gordon Sears wrote "The demand and acceptance of radical changes in Christian music has done more to hinder the work of the gospel of Christ and advance the growth of apostasy within the professing church than anything that has happened since Pentecost." The following is an illustration from Signs of the Times, August, 1988, p. 5. "One of the most dramatic examples of the Bible’s divine ability to transform men and women involved the famous mutiny on the "Bounty." Following their rebellion against the notorious Captain Bligh, nine mutineers, along with the Tahatian men and women who accompanied them, found their way to Pitcairn Island, a tiny dot in the South Pacific only two miles long and a mile wide. Ten years later, drink and fighting had left only one man alive—John Adams. Eleven women and 23 children made up the rest of the Island’s population. So far this is the familiar story made famous in the book and motion picture. But the rest of the story is even more remarkable. About this time, Adams came across the "Bounty’s" Bible in the bottom of an old chest. He began to read it, and the divine power of God’s Word reached into the heart of that hardened murderer on a tiny volcanic speck in the vast Pacific Ocean—and changed his life forever. The peace and love that Adams found in the Bible entirely replaced the old life of quarreling, brawling, and liquor. He began to teach the children from the Bible until every person on the island had experienced the same amazing change that he had found. Today, with a population of slightly less than 100, nearly every person on Pitcairn Island is a Christian."

Sadly the situation on Pitcairn Island today is not that of a Bible believing practicing community.

Dubbo Daily Liberal 26 October, SIX OF SEVEN PITCAIRN MEN CONVICTED OF RAPES (Edited by DCB) "Six of seven Pitcairn Islanders accused of multiple rapes and sexual assaults against girls as young as 12 were convicted yesterday after a series of trials that have rocked the tiny, remote outpost of the old British empire. The verdicts handed down by a specially convened British court have exposed a culture of sex abuse over many years among descendants of the 18th century Bounty mutineers." "Among those found guilty was mayor Steve Christian, 53, who claims a direct bloodline from mutiny leader Fletcher Christian." The accused "argued that under- age sex was a tradition dating back to 1790 when mutineers arrived on the island with their Tahitian women."

Editor’s Comment: Jeremiah 3:21 "...for they have perverted their way, and they have forgotten the LORD their God."

Yours against apostasy and for Biblical Truth, David C. Bennett, Titus 2:13

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