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Feburary 2010

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Standing unashamedly for the King James Bible SAUDI GIRL, 13, SENTENCED TO 90 LASHES AFTER SHE TOOK A MOBILE PHONE TO SCHOOL 20 January, 2010 (Edited by DCB) For taking her mobile phone to school a 13 year old girl in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to 90 lashes and two months' prison. The 90 lashes are to be done in front of her classmates following an assault on the school principal. This oil rich Islamic nation is the world's leading country in the use of torture-by-flogging, public beheadings and publically crucifying condemned prisoners. 24th of January, 2010 (Edited by DCB) The schoolgirl mentioned in the above story has accepted her sentence of 90 lashes and two months in prison for assaulting her headmistress after a confrontation over a cell phone. In the confrontation over the cell phone it is alleged the girl struck the headmistress on the head with a glass. This oil rich kingdom ...follows a strict interpretation of Islam called Wahhabism, and lashings are a common form of punishment. 26 January, 2010 ISA (Jesus), A PROPHET OF ALLAH (Edited by DCB) This is the Christmas story according to Islam where Jesus is Isa. Jibril blew the soul of ^Isa into Maryam and ^Isa's soul entered into her womb. Maryam became pregnant with ^Isa, peace be upon him. There is a difference of opinion as to the term of her pregnancy, some said nine months, some said eight, and some said other than that. However, when the signs of pregnancy became apparent on her, her cousin, Yusuf the Carpenter, was disturbed and did not know how to interpret that matter.
If he wanted to accuse her he would remember how pious she was. If he wanted to declare her innocence, he would see the signs of pregnancy. So he decided to open the subject with her. He asked her, "Tell me, would plants grow without seeds? Would trees grow without rainfall? Would there be a child without a male?" To all these questions Maryam said "Yes." Then she asked him, "Did you not know Allah made the plants emerge without seeds the day He created them? Did you not know Allah created the trees the first time without rain? Did you not know Allah created Adam and Hawwa' (Eve) without a father or a mother?" Yusuf knew all these things and when she responded in this way, he felt assured of her innocence and that this was something special given to her by Allah.
When the signs of her pregnancy became apparent, Maryam went away from her people. The pangs of birth led her to the trunk of a dead palm tree. Out of her shyness from the people, and fearing they would accuse her of having done something ugly, she wished she was dead and not a trace of her could be found. Jibril called to her, comforting her.
He told her Allah made a small river run under her from which she could drink, and should she shake the trunk of the dead palm tree next to her, it would turn green and moist dates would fall down from which she could eat and be nourished. Jibril told her when she faces her people with her son to tell anyone who questions her about him that she had made a vow not to talk to any human for that day.
That day, Maryam gave birth to her son, ^Isa, peace be upon him. Forty (40) days later she carried him back to her people. They accused her of having fornicated. In response, Maryam pointed to her son, meaning to tell them to talk to him. They were angered at this and thought she was mocking them by asking them to speak with a 40-day old baby lying in a small cradle. At this, Allah made ^Isa speak. He said: which are verses 30-33 of Surat Maryam and mean: [I am a slave of Allah. He will reveal the Book to me and make me a prophet. He blessed me wherever I am. In the rules revealed to me there will be a special attention given to Prayers and Zakat. Allah predestined that I will be kind to my mother and not a tyrant with a bad ending. Peace was on me the day I was born. Peace will be on me on the day I will die and on the day I am raised alive again.]
When Maryam's people heard that, they refrained from harming her or Prophet Zakariyya, about whom they had made ugly accusations. After Baby ^Isa spoke these words, he did not speak again until he became at an age when children normally begin to speak. ^Isas speaking from the cradle was a preparation and a sign of his creed and coming prophethood, when he would call the people to believe in Allah, the One Who does not have a partner and to believe in the message of ^Isa--that he was the slave and messenger of Allah. The first words he spoke were, I am a slave of Allah.
Islam not only distorts the true birth of the Saviour but totally denies the fact that the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross as our substitute for sins and of course it follows that Islam denies the resurrection as well. 1Corinthians 15:14, 20 And if Christ be not risen, then is our preaching vain, and your faith is also vain. 20 But now is Christ risen from the dead, and become the firstfruits of them that slept. DUTCH ANTI-ISLAM LAWMAKER FACES HATE SPEECH TRIAL 20 January, 2010 (Edited by DCB) Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders sat in the defendant's dock...nodding his head as prosecutors read aloud a hundred remarks he has made condemning Islam, Muslims and immigrants — notably one comparing the Quran to Hitler's Mein Kampf. If he is convicted he could face a maximum sentence of two years in prison, though a fine of up to euro18, 500 ($26,800) is more likely. It seems that there is freedom of speech in the Western world except when it comes to being critical of Islam. WE USE 'BIBLICAL' WEAPONS, ADF ADMITS 22 January, 2010 (Edited by DCB) US made gun sights with Biblical references are being used by the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to fight the Muslim Taliban in Afghanistan. The gun sights are manufactured by Trijicon, a company based in Michigan. They are an excellent product renowned by elite troops for their accuracy over long range. However, those pesky Biblical references will be removed as they are inappropriate so said an ADF spokesman. Sadly, Trijicon has submitted to pressure and they have sent the ADF and other military forces which use their product the means by which to remove the Biblical references. PLANET BRINGS STARS BACK DOWN TO EARTH 24 January, 2010 (Edited by DCB) The global event to save the planet Earth Hour is shifting focus, from carbon pollution to sustainability. This religious event for many will take place in Australia between 8.30pm and 9.30pm on March 27 this year and aims to draw attention to the nations ecological footprint, a measure of how much land it takes to support our lifestyle. Australias is the fifth-largest in the world, at 7.81 hectares. Deluded chief executive of World Wildlife Fund Australia said Modern living means most of us lead environmentally unsustainable lifestyles - using the planets resources much faster than they can be renewed. THE SEARCH FOR ALIENS SHOULD START ON EARTH NOT OUTER SPACE, SAYS SCIENTIST 25 January, 2010 (Edited by DCB) -
Professor Paul Davies, a physicist at Arizona University will tell a meeting at the Royal Society that the best way of proving that extra-terrestrial life exists elsewhere in the universe is to use evidence from earth. This meeting marks the 5th anniversary of the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) programme. Of course NASA and the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs will be represented at this meeting. Jan. 26, 2010 POPE JOHN PAUL II PRACTICED FLAGELLATION? (Edited by DCB) Since Rome teaches a works salvation it should be no surprise to read that Pope John Paul II whipped himself with a belt, even on vacation, and slept on the floor as acts of penitence and to bring him closer to Christian perfection, according to a new book by the Polish prelate spearheading his sainthood case.

Because of Calvary,
David C. Bennett, D. Min.

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