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Pray for the Bennetts in Australia as they with God's help and for His glory are seeking to establish: Western Plains Baptist Fellowship, and Gilgandra Baptist Fellowship as New Testament Baptist churches.

Australian Independent Baptist Newsletter

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May 2009

Dr. David C. Bennett, Editor (DCB)

PO Box 1241 Dubbo NSW 2830 AUSTRALIA

Phone/Fax 02-6884-2846


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Purpose: To inform and warn God's people of religious social, and political events in today's world.



Standing unashamedly for the King James Bible,22049,25325721-5001021,00.html BACKPACKER SAYS MARY MACKILLOP MIRACLE SAVED HIM FROM COMA April 13, 2009 (Edited by DCB) Last August Irishman David Keohane, was horribly bashed in the beachside suburb of Coogee in south-eastern Sydney leaving him in a coma. After seven months in the coma he suddenly awoke and his family attribute this to Australian miracle healer Mary MacKillop.

            While Mr. Keohne was in the Prince of Wales Hospital his room was covered in paraphernalia dedicated to MacKillop, the nun nominated to become Australia's first saint after she helped found the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart. Accordingly, all the prayers of the family were sent to her.

Editors Comment: Matthew 11:28 Come unto me (do not go to another but to Him), all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest (real spiritual rest is found only in Him, the Lord Jesus Christ). Jeremiah 2:13 ...they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.,22049,25330032-5001021,00.html

RACISM LESSONS PLANNED FOR THE UNDER FIVES April 14, 2009 (Edited by DCB) - If you were beginning to think stupid had left the room then read this. As if the Australian Federal Government doesnt have enough problems with the economy it has put forth guidelines for a programme called Under the Early Years Learning Framework. This ill-thought out programme is designed to help teachers deal with children aged under five. Childcare centres, where many Australian children are abandoned for the day by their parents while they go to earn money for many things neither they or their children need,  may be forced to fly the Aboriginal flag and use persona dolls to teach youngsters about exclusion and ethical issues.

Editors Comment: An inconvenient truth for evolutionists is Acts 17:26 where we are told God ...hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth...,2933,517653,00.html ACQUIRE THE FIRE: IT'S NOT JUST A CONCERT, IT'S A LIFESTYLE April 23, 2009 (Edited by DCB) The IZOD Centre in New Jersey is the venue and it is a rock concert with a difference. The article ells us that if one looks closely, the kids here are of a different breed. They're wearing t-shirts that read "Work Hard, Pray Hard," and "Faith Rocks." There's also no alcohol — nobody has even tried to sneak any in. This is the Greater New York Battle Cry, and these people are here for Jesus.

            Battle Cry, a kind of Lollapalooza of the Christian world, is a weekend event filled with Christian bands, Bible recreations and enough multimedia presentations to make anyones head explode. Now deceased Liberty Universitys, Professor of Youth Ministries, Dr. Steve Vandegriff, hopes that the young people in attendance will continue to connect with the faith outside of the concert.

At a list of the bands which partner with Acquire the Fire is given along with photos. The music is definitely contemporary to say the least and the outward appearance of the band members causes one to question where the world ends and Biblical Christianity begins. April 23, 2009 UNCERTAIN EXPECTATIONS ON GAY MARRIAGE

COUNTY OFFICIALS DONT KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT MONDAY (Edited by DCB) The rural Midwestern state of Iowa known for its corn and swine is now the third state in the union to legalize sodomite marriages. This is the state in which my young bride of forty four years and I were reared and married. New applications and certificates are the only change to the process of getting married in this once great state of Iowa. Now Instead of Groom and Bride the application reads Party A and Party B. These will be used for all marriages. Even heterosexuals are degraded to simply an A or B by this surrender to the sodomites. Now, instead of my marrying my bride I would be marrying my B and she instead of marrying her Groom would be marrying her A. However, in the case of the sodomites how will they decide which one is A and which one is B? Or does it really matter? 

The Des Moines Register had an on-line poll in which I partook. Here are the results from when I voted. VOTE: DO YOU AGREE WITH THE DECISION TO LEGALIZE SAME-SEX MARRIAGE?

Thank you for voting!

Yes, I agree 88% (1168736 votes)

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No, I disagree 12% (156294 votes)

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Total Votes: 1325030

Note to readers: Clearly this is not a scientific poll  and it is allowing people to vote multiple times.

One must realize this decision to allow sodomites marriage was obtained via judges and not the people. What is next on the judges social law agenda?! April 28, 2009

PUPILS AGED 11 TO LEARN ABOUT GAY SEX (Edited by DCB) - In good ole Mother England Compulsory sex and relationships lessons for 11-year-old children are to include classroom discussions on gay unions and civil partnerships. Secondary pupils will learn about contraception and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), while primary school children will learn about their bodies and friendships, a review of sex education has concluded.  Now if you are a parent and do not desire for your child to attend such classes Sexual health charities warned that allowing parents to opt out, even if it involved only a small number, was an infringement of young peoples rights. So much for parenting!

Titus 2:13 Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Because of Grace and Calvary,

David C. Bennett, D. Min.   

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