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August 2009 #2

Dr. David C. Bennett, Editor (DCB)

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Purpose: To inform and warn God's people of religious social, and political events in today's world.


Standing unashamedly for the King James Bible SATAN-WORSHIPPING TEEN OFF MURDER CHARGE

12 August, 2009 (Edited by DCB) Sydney, Australia - This story sounds a lot like demon possession to me. A SATAN-worshipping schoolboy who stabbed his father to death with a kitchen knife and gravely injured his mother has been found not guilty of murder on mental health grounds. Nevertheless, the 16 year old will remain in juvenile detention until _ if ever _ medical authorities believe he is fit to be released back into society. No one including the boys school, church, or parents saw this coming so heard the court. However, the court did hear that in the years before the attack the boy had shown an increased interest in death, Satan, the afterlife and the heavy metal band Slipknot. More about the band Slipknot may be viewed at The day of the murder the mother woke the boy with a kiss to go to school. His voice was not his own the mother told the court. She said his voice shocked her because it was really throaty and really really deep and I couldnt understand how such a deep voice could come out of him.

At you are confronted with all sorts of evil sayings such as Spreading the sickness...One Maggot at a time. In the middle of the web page is All Hope is Gone. When the young people feed on this kind of music no wonder the mental wards are full! I personally believe much of the mental illness in the younger generation is the result of alcohol, drugs and the music. RIGHT-WING US MILITIAS ON THE RISE 13 August, 2009 (Edited by DCB) According to new research those tea parties and town hall protestors against Obamas health care are really only INCENSED by the election of the first black US president...said new research on extremist groups.... These people are Ideologically driven by racism and a virulent anti-government, anti-immigrant agenda...said the Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC). So according to the SPLC if you are a conservative and oppose anything this present government is doing or seeking to do you are seen as a racist, right wing, and an extremist. Talk about being paranoid! ANALYSIS: PRESS LARGELY IGNORED INCENDIARY RHETORIC AT BUSH PROTEST 12 August, 2009 (Edited by DCB) George W. Bush is not the poster boy for conservatism but it is interesting that News outlets that are focusing on the incendiary rhetoric of conservatives outside President Obama's town hall meeting Tuesday ignored the incendiary rhetoric -- and even violence -- of liberals outside an appearance by former President George W. Bush in 2002.  For instance when the former President visited Portland, Ore., for a fundraiser, protesters stalked his motorcade, assailed his limousine and stoned a car containing his advisers. Chanting Bush is a terrorist!, the demonstrators bullied passers-by, including gay softball players and a wheelchair-bound grandfather with multiple sclerosis. One protester even brandished a sign that seemed to advocate Bush's assassination. The man held a large photo of Bush that had been doctored to show a gun barrel pressed against his temple. So much for fair and balanced reporting! WINDOW WAS NUDE REBEKAH LAWRENCE'S TURNING POINT 15 August, 2009 (Edited by DCB) Sydney, Australia On the 20th of

December, 2005 a 34 year old young lady, jumped to her death from a window of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians where she worked as the personal assistant to the CEO. Rebekah Lawrence had just completed a self development programme called The Turning Point, developed where else but in the USA, and conducted in Sydney by People Knowhow. Their web page is   Now in 2009, Deputy State Coroner Malcolm MacPherson began an inquest into whether The Turning Point course contributed in any way to Rebekah's psychotic state of mind on the night she died. If a link is found, the case could result in an overhaul of the multi-million dollar personal-growth industry, which is currently self-regulated.  It is a move the profession says it would welcome in order to stamp out those providers who label themselves as therapists without having the appropriate training or skills. As if that will solve the problem!

According to a statement made to the court The Turning Point is "an introduction to meditation, emotional management, life and relationship-skills training and coming home to yourself and realising that you are OK. The Turning Point programme has a range of activities such as yelling at a partner to practise assertiveness, pummeling a gym mattress to release pent-up emotion and visualising herself forgiving people. Also included in the programme is the Inner Child where Participants are taken back to their childhood by visualising themselves at younger and younger ages until they begin to remember things they had forgotten.

Rebekahs boss said she was "modest to the point of being prudish" and when confronted with her unusual demeanour that day she exhibited strength "never imagined possible. Doesnt all of this sound a lot like those in the Scriptures that were demon possessed? Could rock music and psychological programmes such as The Turning Point have satanic connections? Only asking! SWIMMERS ARE TOLD TO WEAR BURKINIS 15 August, 2009

(Edited by DCB) Coming to a pool or school near you? In the United Kingdom councils are now operating swimming sessions where swimmers must comply with the modest code of dress required by Islamic custom, with women covered from the neck to the ankles and men, who swim separately, covered from the navel to the knees. There are also Muslim swimming sessions...held at a number of state schools... in the United Kingdom. Sadly, this is that same nation that was once the light to the world in the preaching of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and sent out the father of modern missions, William Carey.  What has happened? A simple answer is Look at the churches.

Because of Calvary,

David C. Bennett, D. Min.


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