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October 2009 #2

Dr. David C. Bennett, Editor (DCB)

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Purpose: To inform and warn God's people of religious social, and political events in today's world.



Standing unashamedly for the King James Bible DISCOVERY IN ETHIOPIA CASTS LIGHT ON HUMAN ORIGINS October 2, 2009 (Edited by DCB) If you did not already know it ...humans did not evolve from chimpanzee-like ancestors as a newly found skeleton of an early human who supposedly lived 4.4 million years ago shows. The intelligent but deceived folk who found this skeleton named Ardi was not the missing link but as one researcher said At 4.4 million years ago we found something pretty close to it. Ardi according to the researchers is clearly a human ancestor and her descendants did not grow up to be chimpanzees or other apes but she does have an ape-like head and opposable toes that allowed her to climb trees easily, but her hands, wrists and pelvis show she strode like a modern human and did not knuckle-walk like a chimp or a gorilla. Some of these people really go out on a limb, like a monkey, to try and prove that they evolved rather than being created by the Creator. AFRICA BISHOPS SPEAK OF OBAMA IN RELIGIOUS TERMS 7 October, 2009 (Edited by DCB) The election of Obama to the Presidency of the United States is being hailed in divine terms by African bishops attending meetings at the Vatican. The Archbishop of Accra, Ghana said Obamas election was like the Old Testament story of Joseph repeating itself.  He went on to say We pray that it (Obama's presidency) brings blessings for Africa and the whole world. It depends on what this man considers as blessings. If it is the confiscation of all houses, land, bank deposits, businesses, etc. he may just see these blessings. BRITISH TORIES WOO GAY VOTERS 8 October, 2009 (Edited by DCB) To win office at any cost BRITAIN'S opposition Conservatives held their first ever gay party conference event in Manchester as, edging closer to power, they seek to cast aside their right-wing image and embrace diversity. Yet one of their policies at says A Conservative government will strengthen families by reforming tax and benefits to support marriage. How do you strengthen families and at the same time seek to woo the sodomites to vote for you? Oh politics! AUSTRALIA CLOSE TO A CHARTER OF RIGHTS 9 October, 2009 (Edited by DCB) Does Australia need a Charter of Human Rights?  Well according to the National Human Rights Consultation committee chair, and Jesuit priest and lawyer, Frank Brennan, tough anti-terror laws allowing for detention without charge, and the locking up of asylum seekers' children, may...have been scuttled if Australia had a Charter of Rights. The committee says what a Charter would do is enshrine rights already expected under international obligations and make any breach eligible for compensation. However, Opposition legal affairs spokesman George Brandis says a charter of rights would turn High Court judges into overtly political figures who can oversee politically sensitive issues and clog up the courts with claims. A Charter of Human Rights will give asylum seekers, sodomites, and Islamic terrorists rights and privileges while taking away free speech and other precious liberties from others. The Australian Federal Rudd government says it will respond to the report by the end of the year.  CAMPAIGN LAUNCHED TO PROTECT CHRISTIANS FROM U.N. RESOLUTION 6 October, 2009 (Edited by DCB) While Australias National Human Rights Consultation committee seeks government support for a Charter of Rights for all but law-abiding Australian citizens the United Nations Defamation of Religions Resolution can be manipulated to oppress religious minorities living in Muslim-majority countries. Of course the 57 Muslim-majority countries that make up the Organization of Islamic Conference backs such a resolution. As the death of the two witnesses in Revelation eleven cause the people of the earth to rejoice...and make merry, and....send gifts one to another so this UN resolution will allow more open persecution against any who preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. GAY RIGHTS ACTIVISTS EAGER TO HEAR OBAMA'S PLANS 9 October, 2009 (Edited by DCB) Jesus was the friend of sinners but the President of the United States is not the friend of the sodomites in order to bring them truth but to promote their immorality. Obama was invited by The Human Rights Campaign to speak at one of their dinners as he is obviously the most supportive president and has done more than any president on behalf of the gay community so said Joe Solmonese. Solmonese said Obama has been working with his sodomite group on an almost weekly and sometimes daily basis while American boys die in Afghanistan. 1John 2:18 Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time. DEMENTIA AT THE NIH (Edited by DCB) The Washington based National Institutes of Health (NIH) is another government misuse of taxpayers dollars. According to Traditional Values 2003 review of NIH  Northwestern University received $147,000 to pay women to watch pornography with transmitters...while researchers measured their arousal patterns. Then there was the study of prostitutes who inhabit truck stops -- to figure out how disease is spread. But Obama has surprisingly appointed a man who openly says he believes in a personal God. Because of this belief none other than the New York Times has reported that …many scientists view such outspoken religious commitment as a sign of mild dementia.Well the Traditional Values team is praying for his success and survival because dementia is epidemic at NIH where the inmates are clearly running the institution and writing big federal checks every day to the strangest people. IF YOU HATE AMERICA YOU HAVE A LAWYER — CHAI FELDBLUM 17 September, 2009 (Edited by DCB) Another real winner in the nominees of the Obama administration is Chai R. Feldblum. Obama has nominated her to become a member of the Employment Opportunity Commission, the federal agency which enforces workplace civil rights laws. If confirmed, she would serve 5 years on the EEOC and issue edicts that will impact all areas of employment. Feldblum has worked for the American Civil Liberties Union (better know as Un-American) pro-sodomite Human Rights Campaign Fund and she founded the Moral Values Project which has to do with but what else gender equity. She is an out of the closet lesbian and has played a major role in pushing the LGBT agenda in American culture for the past 20 years. The true political colour of this president is showing more and more with each passing day! If there was ever a time now is the time to pray for those that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.

As if the present CEO of America is not doing enough to bankrupt America, now scammers are using Obamas name to make the gullible think there is money waiting for them just for the asking. How anyone could read such a farcical piece and act on it is beyond comprehension. Enjoy.    Scam Victims Compensation Payment Award !Monday, October 12, 2009 4:43 PMFrom: "Obama's Foundation © 2009" <>To:  undisclosed-recipients

Greetings to you,
On behalf of the Obama's Foundation, we wish to notify you as a beneficiary of $500,000.00 USD in compensation of scam victims. Do contact HSBC INTERNATIONAL BANK, United Kingdom Branch for verification and release of your $500,000.00 USD that we have deposited with the HSBC BANK,UK.

The account log on will be presented to you by the bank in order to access the funds before releasing into your nominated bank account. You will transfer the funds into your nominated account on-line as the HSBC BANK, UK will provide the necessary information to you. We have taken care of the cost of transfer (C.O.T) and the VAT. Please if you are willing to accept the funds, do contact the Managing Director of the HSBC BANK, UK with the following details:

You are to fill the appropriate form and submit to the bank.

[1] Full Names:________________
[2] Contact address______________________________
[3] Direct Telephone No: ___________________
|4| Occupation : ____________________________

Managing Director of the HSBC BANK,UK
Name: Mrs. Joan Cole Esq
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Yours Faithfully,
Dr.Gary Adams
 Because of Calvary,David C. Bennett, D. Min.  
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