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January 2011

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Purpose: To inform and warn God's people of religious social, and political events in today's world.


Standing unashamedly for the King James Bible MEESE: SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER 'DESPICABLE' FOR NAMING CONSERVATIVE ORGANIZATIONS HATE GROUPS December 07, 2010 (Edited by DCB) Ed Meese, a former Attorney General, said it is despicable for the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to classify the Family Research Council and a dozen other top conservative organizations as hate groups similar to the Ku Klux Klan. Interestingly the groups listed include ...the American Family Association, Concerned Women for America, the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission, Coral Ridge Ministries, Family Research Institute, Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, Illinois Family Institute, Liberty Counsel, MassResistance, National Organization for Marriage and the Traditional Values Coalition. The main reason these organizations are listed as a hate group is because of their positions on homosexuality.  Islam is supposedly anti-gay but this hate list does not include any Islamic organization, hmmmm. BALANCING THE HOLIDAYS IN YOUR CLASSROOM December 6, 2010 (Edited by DCB) - Imaginary multi-culturalism has brought with it problems totally unknown when I was in school during the 1950s and 60s. Now, Each year at this time, teachers are faced with a dilemma: How to balance the holidays to create the most inclusive environment? As Hanukkah comes to a close and Christmas approaches, many teachers will decorate with candy canes, glittered Christmas trees and construction-papered dreidels. But there are more holidays being celebrated this month. Consider that sundown today begins the month of Muharram, the liturgical new year of the Islamic calendar. Meanwhile, Buddhists celebrate Bodhi Day on Wednesday. December also marks Kwanzaa, the Hindu family holiday Pancha Ganapati and Yule for pagans. Many secular people either have winter solstice parties or observe no holidays at all. Maura Cullen, a so-called diversity trainer says , By opening our hearts and minds to all religious traditions, we are serving the greater good and our connections with others grow deeper. However, in the countries from which many of these people come there is no opening of hearts and minds toward Christianity and especially Biblical Christianity! Why is it in Iraq the military disposed of Bibles to be given to the Iraqi people because it might offend the Muslims? Tolerance for all but Christianity! AFTER OUTCRY, FEDS BACK DOWN; BANKS CAN DISPLAY CROSSES December 17, 2010 (Edited by DCB) Miracles will never cease! The small-town bank in Oklahoma will be able to restore its Christian signs and symbols after all, thanks in part to public outcry against the Federal Reserve. The president of Payne County Bank...said he spoke with the second in command at the Federal Reserve late Thursday evening. Both sides agreed to work out the issue. The Feds problem was with the banks display of Christian items and verses on the banks television and website.  This is the result of so-called multi-culturalism and professed tolerance. NOW, ABOUT THOSE DIFFERENCES, PART TWENTY FOUR December 20, 2010 (Edited by DCB) SharperIron is a blog where people post their thoughts on various subjects and others for whatever reasons take the time to read them. One of those who write is Kevin Bauder, president of Central Baptist Seminary in Minneapolis, MN, and it seems he writes quite frequently.  

As a backdrop to this article Dr. Bauder wrote in a previous article that he had ...more in common with biblically responsible conservative evangelicals than...with the captains of the King James Only movement. If we believe in separation, we ought to be separating from hyper-fundamentalists more quickly and more publicly than we do from conservative evangelicals. That lets you know where Bauder is going.  

Moving on to Part Twenty Four it needs to be understood that the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship International (FBFI) is a mixed bag when it comes to the English Bible and the cGreek New Testament. Most of those who comprise the FBFI are Bob jobes University graduates. Well, Dr. Bauder was asked to speak at the FBFI where Dr. Clarence Sexton was also to be a speaker. Dr. Bauder writes At any rate, I did not believe that I should withdraw from the FBFI platform over the presence of Pastor Sexton. My presence there was no endorsement of his views in the King James debate, nor was his presence any endorsement of mine. In other words, I was not prepared to separate from the FBFI over the invitation of Clarence Sexton (who, I must add, I appreciate at several levels).

More recently, I have applied the same principle in a different direction. I was asked to speak this coming February at a conference being hosted by Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary. This is a conference at which I have spoken many times in the past. This time, I was told that Dr. Mark Dever would be on the platform. In many ways I am a great admirer of Pastor Dever, but the differences between us are quite real. We differ markedly over dispensationalism, over limited atonement, and over the value of the Southern Baptist Convention. Pastor Dever is a committed Southern Baptist, while I question the value of affiliating with a convention that will not respect at least the fundamentals as a test of fellowship (I am speaking here of convention membership and participation, not of institutional employment).

These differences limit the possibility of cooperation with Pastor Dever at more than one level. Nevertheless, appearing on the same platform does not (as I see it) constitute an endorsement of his views in those areas over which we differ. If it did, Mark would be as eager to avoid endorsing my views as I am to avoid endorsing his!

Now get this, Bauder writes The issues over which I differ with Dever are less serious than the issues over which I differ with Sexton. I do not know what other issues Brother Sexton holds but the one mentioned here in this article was the King James Bible. So to Dr. Bauder, holding to the superiority of the King James Bible and its Greek Text is more serious that what the Southern Baptist Dever holds to!!  You decide where the fundamentalist movement is heading if Bauder and Central Seminary are an example?!

Because of Calvary,

David C. Bennett, D. Min.

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