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July 2011

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My wife has been following the blog the past few months. Her interest intensified the more she read and the more she read the more empathy she had with those who began the blog. The reason blog was started was how ABWE had mishandled the abuse of an ABWE missionarys daughter by an ABWE missionary doctor. My wife has done further searches and has been very distraught by how prevalent this abuse is among the Baptists in both the churches and missions. Those who began this blog say The purpose of this blog is to bring into the light what has previously been kept in the dark, that is, to publicly identify Dr. Donn Ketcham of Allendale, Michigan as a pedophile. In addition to revealing that Dr. Ketcham is a pedophile, those of us putting together this blog intend to document how the mission agency he served under, Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (hereby referred to as ABWE), have protected both his private and public reputation by leaving in place the impression that he was dismissed from the mission as a result of an affair, not pedophilia. From what has recently taken place on Miracle Mountain this blog has had some effect. ebersole-ltr-09-1989 - Russ Ebersole was the field administrator over the Bangladesh field at the time of this abuse and is still on staff. In his correspondence with Kethchams churches in 1989 he wrote Because of an immoral conduct which has disqualified him, the ABWE Board, with deep regret, is terminating the ministry of Dr. Donn Ketcham. We cannot forget, and are grateful for, the many years of faithful service rendered by Dr. and Mrs. Ketcham at the Memorial Christian Hospital in Bangladesh. Russ Ebersole is one of the Good Ole Boys Club and when one reads all the evidence that is given on this blog on how the situation was mishandled, Russ Ebersole should have been dismissed back in 1989!  In April, 2011 Michael Loftis sent this email out to past/present missionaries of ABWE. In part it read that Perhaps you are aware of reports about past incidents related to a former ABWE missionary, which I would like to address. On March 15, I was informed by our staff of a blog authored by an ABWE adult MK telling of her abuse by a former ABWE missionary doctor in Bangladesh, Dr. Donn Ketcham. Other MKs have joined the blog to share their own stories of abuse or suspected abuse by the same individual. The pain of these young women and their families is heart wrenching. Either Dr Loftis did not read the ABWE material given on the blog or he is just naive for a little further in the letter he writes that At this time I do not believe there was an intentional cover-up by our administration in the past or the present. It must all depend on how one reads the evidence as to whether one believes there was an intentional cover-up or not!

In June, 2011 the ABWE board informed others ...that Dr. Michael Loftis has concluded his role as president of ABWE as of June 7, 2011. Why did Loftis conclude his tenure as ABWEs president? This is what the Board said, In view of the present needs of the mission and after lengthy prayer and deliberation by the board and interviews with ABWE leadership, the board unanimously decided it would be best to seek a new president. We want to assure you that these decisions were not spontaneous or rushed. Have the present needs of ABWE changed since Loftis wrote his April, 2011 email to past/present ABWE missionaries? Have you wondered what the B stands for in ABWE? Well it stands for Baptists. However ABWE has had missionaries from several Community and Bible churches for several years now. They even have a couple from Seattle, WAs Mars Hill Church. Perhaps the present interim president isnt a member of a Baptist church either for In March 2000 he assumed the pastorate of The Chapel in East Amherst, NY. Where is the name Baptist on this church? This doesnt really matter to some but the name Baptist is still an identifier and it is time for ABWE to be up front and honest and drop the name Baptist. ABWE conducts various seminars of which one is known as Edge.  One speaker for an Edge Seminar was Southern Baptist Ed Stetzer. At  it says Ed Stetzer oversees all activities of LifeWay Research... Further on it is said that Prior to his tenure at LifeWay, Stetzer served as the missiologist and senior director of the Center for Missional Research at the North American Mission Board (NAMB). Stetzer is also the co- author of BREAKING THE MISSIONAL CODE. Who recommends this book? Dan Kimbal, author of the EMERGING CHURCH does as does Mark Driscoll who pastors, Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA. Driscoll is also president of the Acts 29 Church Planting Network. At one reads that a small group of SBC pastors oppose ACTS 29 because it ...holds views regarding alcohol consumption diametrically opposed to numerous Southern Baptist resolutions and also requires its church planters to embrace Reformed, or Calvinist, theology.   

Many ABWE missionaries have and are serving the Lord with godly integrity. However, the unbiblical mishandling of the situation with Dr. Donn Ketcham is inexcusable and ABWE must be held accountable. We will wait and see what the organization ABWE has hired to investigate the matter recommends. 

Because of Calvary,

David C. Bennett, D. Min.

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