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Pray for the Bennetts in Australia as they with God's help and for His glory are seeking to establish: Western Plains Baptist Fellowship, and Gilgandra Baptist Fellowship as New Testament Baptist churches.

Australian Independent Baptist Newsletter

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October 2012 #2

Dr. David C. Bennett, Editor (DCB)

PO Box 1241 Dubbo NSW 2830 AUSTRALIA

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Purpose: To inform and warn God's people of religious social, and political events in today's world.



Standing unashamedly for the King James Bible BRYAN COLLEGE PROFESSOR CAUGHT IN FBI CHILD PROTECTION TASK FORCE STING October 1, 2012 (Edited by DCB) – “David Morgan was the assistant professor of Biblical Studies at Bryan College, Dayton Tennessee.  Dr. Morgan was also the assistant director of the Bryan Institute for Critical Practice and Thought. From the Chattanooga Times “David Matthew Morgan, age 37, of 304 Osborne Drive Chattanooga, TN was arrested June 24, 2012 for Criminal Attempt – Aggravated Child Molestation, Criminal Attempt – Child Molestation and Sexual Exploitation of a Child. Bond has been set at $30,000. Morgan remains incarcerated at CCDC.” BOB JONES HAD 9 SEX OFFENSES REPORTED ON CAMPUS IN 2011 - UNIVERSITY SAYS ONE STUDENT WAS LINKED TO ALL NINE – September 28, 2012 (Edited by DCB) – “Bob Jones University, similar in size to Furman, had 99 total incidents in three years and had the highest number of forcible sex offenses reported -- 9 in 2011 alone, significantly higher than any other institution in the area. (Clemson, which has almost 20,000 students, reported 3 forcible sex offenses in 2011 and has had 7 in the past three years.)” 11 October, 2012 (Edited by DCB) - LOSING MY RELIGION: GUY SEBASTIAN'S REVELATIONS ON CHRISTIANITY AND SEX – Anyone who will appear on a programme named “Idol” should have their Christianity questioned. Well, this 30 year old man who was professed to be a Christian won the Australian Idol a few years ago but now says “…he still believed in God, but is more informed about religion than he was in his youth.” Of course now his “...views are more based on life and discovery and research than just what I'm told,’”.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that “Sebastian also spoke out in favour of gay marriage.” What’s new when one runs in and with the world? PROTESTANTS NO LONGER MAJORITY IN US October 10, 2012 – Edited by DCB) – Why would anyone be surprised to hear that “For the first time in its history, the United States does not have a Protestant majority”. One basis for this is “The number of Americans with no religious affiliation is on the rise. The percentage of Protestant adults in the US has reached a low of 48 percent, the first time that Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life has reported with certainty that the number has fallen below 50 percent. The drop has long been anticipated and comes at a time when no Protestants are on the US Supreme Court and the Republicans have their first presidential ticket with no Protestant nominees.” There are other reasons given in the poll but the sad fact is the America people have lost any spiritual mooring they once had. DAD'S GENTLE TOUCH GOES A LONG WAY 13 October, 2012 (Edited by DCB) – With the push for same sex marriage it was surprising to read “Research shows a father's bond with his child can have significant impacts on his health, happiness and family life.”  This research was done by Dion Khlentzos of the University of Western Sydney who said “It is therefore important to understand how men are able to establish emotional connections with their kids”. Wow, this research says what a Bible believing Christian already knew! However, I don’t think this research will go very far in the mainline media. 16 October, 2012 SENIOR FEDERAL LIBERAL GEORGE BRANDIS DISTANCES HIMSELF FROM CORY BERNARDI COMMENTS (Edited by DCB) – The conservatives in Australia ought to be backing this man rather than condemning him. What the senator said was, that legalizing same sex marriage would lead to other things such as bestiality.  Oh the uproar in and out of his own party.  “Shadow attorney-general George Brandis repudiated the comments as injudicious and inappropriate…” Malcolm Turnbull, or is it Turncoat, “…described the Bernardi bestiality speech as extreme and hysterical.” Turncoat said “That is the worst sort of slippery slope argument” for “They're not the views of mainstream Australian society, let alone of the Liberal Party.” That is a sad commentary on the supposedly conservatives in Australia!!!!  This quote refers to the American government but could be applied to the Australian government as well. “When a federal government regulates the grip size for a bicycle yet ignores a flood of illegal immigrants, we have entered the twilight zone.” BEING STRAIGHT NO LONGER NORMAL, STUDENTS TAUGHT October 17, 2012 (Edited by DCB) – Where will all this nonsense end? “The ‘Proud Schools’ pilot program, implemented in 12 government schools in Sydney and the Hunter, is designed to stamp out ‘homophobia, transphobia (fear of transsexuals) and heterosexism’.” This two hundred and fifty thousand dollar programme “...defines ‘heterosexism’ as the practice of ‘positioning heterosexuality as the norm for human relationship,’ according to the Proud Schools Consultation Report.” Instead of emphasizing morality and classes with more reading, writing and arithmetic the former state government thought students needed to be taught this politically correct gobbledygook! This is just one reason the state of New South Wales has a budget black hole! Even an atheist should see this is a waste of taxpayers’ money.

Because of Calvary,

David C. Bennett, D. Min.


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