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November 2011

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Purpose: To inform and warn God's people of religious social, and political events in today's world.


Standing unashamedly for the King James Bible
CHRISTIAN HIT WITH 40% PAY CUT OVER FACEBOOK COMMENTS 22 October, 2011 (Edited by DCB) Adrian Smith A Christian employee of a housing association in Manchester has been demoted and had his salary slashed by 40 per cent because of his Facebook comments about same-sex civil partnerships in churches. Mr. Smith is not taking this lying down so he is taking his court for interference with his rights to free speech and religious liberty; and for breach of contract. Mr. Smith is being supported in his legal action by The Christian Institute, a national charity that defends the religious liberty of Christians. All of this came about when On the evening of Monday 14 February Mr Smith posted: I dont understand why people who have no faith and dont believe in Christ would want to get hitched in church. The Bible is quite specific that marriage is for men and women. If the state wants to offer civil marriage to the same sex then that is up to the state; but the state shouldnt impose its rules on places of faith and conscience. I agree with Mr. Smith but his Facebook comments brought some complaints from a couple of Mr. Smiths work colleagues who took it to their superiors. The demotion and pay decrease was all the more shocking because this was being done in the name of equality and diversity. Well, in todays society it seems equality is only for some. MUSLIM ORGANISATION MYPEACE TO SHOW COMMERCIALS ESPOUSING ISLAMIC VALUES DURING TOP-RATING TV SHOWS 24 October, 2011 (Edited by DCB) Multi-culturalism is the death gasp of the West. THE Muslim organisation behind the provocative Jesus is a Prophet of Islam' billboards will begin screening a TV commercial espousing Islamic values during some of our most watched programs. This is believed to be the first commercial to promote Islam on national television. The commercial will feature several excerpts from the Koran to show that Muslims share similar values to Christians. The man behind all this says he and others …thought it best to, for lack of a better term, hijack Islam back and show you what Islam is really about. Surprisingly The advertisement was fully funded by private donors from Australia so they say. 22 October, 2011 ARAB SPRING IN EGYPT: MAN GETS THREE YEARS IN PRISON FOR INSULTING ISLAM ON FACEBOOK (Edited by DCB) While the Peaceful religion has freedom in the West to advertise and say things that are contradictory to Gods Word, the Bible, one must be very careful what they say about Islam in predominately Islamic nations. For instance, in Egypt an Egyptian man has been sentenced to 3 years for insulting Islam in his Facebook postings.  When will the West wake up! VATICAN CALLS FOR GLOBAL AUTHORITY ON ECONOMY, RAPS IDOLATRY OF THE MARKET 24 October 2011 (Edited by DCB) The Vaticans Justice and Peace Department have issued a document stating there should be the establishment of a global public authority and a central world bank to rule over financial institutions that have become outdated and often ineffective in dealing fairly with crises.  Remember this comes from one of the wealthiest organisations on the face of the earth! POPE NAMES THREE NEW SAINTS; MAN DISRUPTS MASS 24 October, 2011 (Edited by DCB) The Pope has continued the Roman deception by naming three new saints. One of the three was an Italian priest who worked with the poor, the Rev. Luigi Guanella. Guanella received Roman sainthood because William Glisson Jr., from the Philadelphia area in the U.S. was cured from a 2002 head injury. This cure came about after Glisson had gone into a coma after falling while in-line skating without a helmet. After two brain surgeries and doctors giving up all hope a family friend gave Glisson and his mother two of Guanella's relics, and the family prayed fervently to the Italian priest. After nine days, Glisson came out of the coma and today works in the family construction supply business. Matthew 15:14 ...they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch. GILLARDS MAGIC MIRROR (Edited by DCB) The writer says he has been ignoring the US politics as I believe we need to concentrate on the Australian political mess we are in. However, Gillard has changed this in her own pathetic whining, and is now drooling after her new idol, Obama. Both deeply unpopular with their voters they each try to use a state visit for cheap Propaganda. The contrast in Ms Gillards views towards the US and Europe was sharp and revealing. With the US President visiting Australia next month, she said: I think stories of American decline are exaggerated. These predictions havent been true in the past, and I dont think theyll be proven true now. The American economy, at base, is adaptable and resilient. I believe it will work its way through this challenge. I believe President Obama is pursuing the right strategy. I believe he is somebody of great strength and endurance and overwhelming calm, and he will continue to work his way through. reported by Paul Kelly, Editor at Large, From:The Australian , October 24, 2011.

The comparisons are striking when you forget the issue of sex, which isnt hard to do... Gillard is the First female PM, and has done a disservice to women in senior positions in Australia. Obama, the First African-American President, and seems to have a disservice to his cause also. Both will cause people to consider whether voting for another female or African-American will create the same dysfunctional Government as we are seeing now. In the US Obama was the Ýes We Can man, now he is the Í never said when We Can though man. The writers conclusion is Our colleagues in US are fighting Obamas policies there, as we are fighting Gillards policies here. It is the power of the people, and we will not miss an opportunity to take the fight to either Gillard or Obama, for they are 2 heads of the same coin. So true!

Because of Calvary,

David C. Bennett, D. Min.

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