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December 2012

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Standing unashamedly for the King James Bible

I have never been much of a lover for organized church fellowships or associations. One reason is that I have seen for years the various independent Baptist fellowships and associations drifting further and further from their once supposed position on ecclesiastical separation. The problems with “belonging” to a fellowship is when one or several men and their churches begin to drift you either (1) continue on without question (2) question the pastors and take the consequence which usually means shut up or (3) simply get out.            

In the independent Baptist’s it usually means leaving the King James Bible for a version such as the ESV, adopting softness toward new evangelicals, adopting CCM music, closer association with the Southern Baptist Convention, adopting Reformed theology and departing from dispensational teaching. -This drift is seen in the following articles. The General Association of Regular Baptist churches (GARBC) many years ago was a separatist group of churches but today that is not so. Many churches in the GARBC have drifted into compromise and this drift was helped along by the schools. For instance Cedarville University was an approved school of the GARBC but because it and the other approved schools were moving into new evangelicalism the GARBC ceased their approval programme. Today at least two of the former approved GARBC schools are approved by the Southern Baptist Convention. The following articles are an indication of where the drift in Biblical separation will take a church, school and a fellowship. MUSIC AND WORSHIP PROGRAM NAMED "BEST OF THE BEST" October 16, 2012 _ (Edited by DCB)  

…student body in worship at chapel.

It should’nt come as any surprise that “Worship Leader magazine has selected Cedarville University's department of music and worship as ‘Best of the Best’ in the higher education category for 2012.” “The worship program is one of Cedarville’s fastest growing majors because of its… contemporary emphasis. There are currently 54 worship students, and enrollment has increased by an average of 37 percent each year since 2009, when the program was first offered.” The students working on the worship degree “…have opportunities for practical experience through music department ensembles, chapel bands, touring teams, worship bands, on-campus concerts and worship events.” The churches in the Cedarville surrounding area “…use students to lead worship and play in their praise bands…” The “Worship leader’ is the second most requested position in the University’s career services office.” Wonder what the number one position is?  

One of the churches in which one Cedarville student works as worship leader is “University Baptist Church in Beavercreek…” This church is affiliated with the SBC.

The associate professor of music “…said students also benefit from interacting with guest artists like Bob Kauflin, Lincoln Brewster and Aaron Keyes (underlining added). This fall, Keith Getty and Phil Wickham (underlining added) worked with worship students during their visits to Cedarville.” Where will it stop? As stated above University Baptist is listed in the Southern Baptist Convention. Another avenue in which this drift in ecclesiastical separation has taken place is through Awana, which University Baptist uses; .  Sadly many independent Baptist churches do not see this as compromise and continue to use Awana. Keith Getty is mentioned in the above article on Cedarville. This editor does not know the heart of any of the musicians mentioned but looking at their web sites the two common denominators are CCM and ECUMENISM. “Keith & Kristyn have shared their music at Franklin Graham crusades, the GMA Dove Awards, The Third Lausanne Conference on World Evangelization, as well as feature performances at London’s Royal Albert Hall and the legendary Grand Ole Opry, among many other noted platforms. “ Bob Kauflin “...currently is involved ...with CJ Mahaney.” Now CJ Mahaney is under a cloud for cover-up of child sex abuse within his organization Sovereign Grace and holds to a Reformed theology. He also believes speaking in tongues is for today and is heavily involved with Together 4the Gospel. Lincoln Brewster displays his ecumenism at his web site. Of course this doesn’t bother Cedarville or those Baptist churches that will send their young people to Cedarville.!/ss:facebook – Aaron Keyes states that “For the last several months, I’ve been learning about the power of Blessing. There’s been no more helpful aid than a book by the late Irish priest, John O’Donohue (underlining added). I discovered his book To Bless the Space Between Us a few years ago, and it’s been simmering in my soul ever since.” John Donohue was a Catholic Priest who “was ordained to the priesthood in 1982...” Donohue “...developed a new concept of Person through a re-interpretation of the philosophy of Hegel. The prestigious Review of Metaphysics commended him for “breaking new ground in our thinking about consciousness . . . [with] a richer and deeper notion of Personhood.”         FRANKLIN GRAHAM SPEAKS AT COMMENCEMENT – Once the doctrine of ecclesiastical separation is watered down there is usually no stopping. Sadly many are not discerning enough to see it or even care.

Because of Calvary,

David C. Bennett, D. Min.


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