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Pray for the Bennetts in Australia as they with God's help and for His glory are seeking to establish: Western Plains Baptist Fellowship, and Gilgandra Baptist Fellowship as New Testament Baptist churches.



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JUNE, 2001

Dear Prayer Partners,

Proverbs 17:6 "Children's children are the crown of old men"

We are the proud grandparents of a new bouncing baby boy, William Robert Skinner. William was born on our youngest son Matthew's birthday, 27 May at 4.24 p.m. He weighed six pounds eight ounces and was twenty inches long. The weight and measurement was for the lady readers. There were some complications but mother and baby are home and doing fine. The birth of this little one means God has blessed us with six grandchildren. Praise the Lord! The seventh is due 28 October this year! We want to thank Pastor Bruce Feuerbach and Calvary Baptist Church, Grinnell, Iowa for printing and sending out our prayer letter. Calvary Baptist's labour is very much appreciated. Their reward awaits them in heaven! THANK YOU!

With the rising cost of postage we do ask that if you would rather not receive this letter please let Brother Feuerbach know either by writing him at Calvary Baptist Church, 1625 Penrose Street, Grinnell, Iowa 50112 or by email at Calvary Baptist and we want to be good stewards of the finances God has entrusted to us.

It seems like when someone begins attending the preaching services we take one step forward and then all at once we take two back. Andy and Ellen Thompson were gone most of the month of May. Andy had a doctor's appointment in Sydney early May and then they baby sat for their grandchildren near Orange, NSW for a couple of weeks while their daughter went into hospital for an operation. Hopefully we will see them back in June. David King (the young man from Queensland) has taken a job in Narromine about forty five minutes west of Dubbo. Right now he doesn't have his own transport but hopefully when he goes back to Queensland for a visit he will be bringing his vehicle back and then he will able to get to the services. We continue to see the Veridels from time to time and have a good visit but they continue to be absent from the preaching services. Jim and Margaret Ogden, Abel and Phyllis Morgan continue to be faithful to the Gilgandra meetings. John and Rose Ferguson are pretty faithful when they are in town but have been to Bourke now for several weeks. A month or so ago the Aboriginal Inland Mission work in Gilgandra had a split over various issues. The split (about six or eight adults) have begun meeting in the Morgan's home Sunday mornings. We trust this doesn't mean we will be losing the Morgans now.

The 18-20 May was the Dubbo Show (fair). We were able to distribute gospel tracts and literature for which we praise the Lord! The Dubbo City Council exhibit occupied the booth across from ours. The first day of the show the man in charge of the Dubbo City exhibit came over to David and said he sought to follow David's advice from last year. David did not remember giving him any advice but the gentleman said he did so he must have. Anyway, during the last eleven months he and his wife had divorced. He said she had been seeing another man for the past three years and he was not aware of it. He said he was getting through it and David and he had a little talk. How far does one have to go before they turn to Christ? Pray for God to work in the heart of John Cromton. There are several men that assist at the Dubbo City exhibit but there is one gentleman who worked all three days. David saw him viewing the creation videos quite often during those three days. One never knows how the Lord will work but we pray there will be a work of grace performed in hearts perhaps even unknown to us. We had several interesting people stop by the booth. One lady picked up several pieces of literature and when David began a conversation did she have stories to tell. She has seen eighty-one UFO's according to her. She related about some UFO meeting in Washington, D. C. and who knows what else. Anyway David talked to her and she went her way. Another gentleman related his story of when he was on the farm in the 1960's and his wife passed away leaving him with two small boys. After her death h said he was out plowing one evening close to the house and heard her crying. He packed the boys up and left the farm that evening never to return. He is now in his sixties and married once again but that ended in divorce. The woman he now lives with is half his age and not his wife. She is the sister to one of his son's wives. Boy, what you don't hear from people. Anyway, he took a couple of tracts, which we trust he will read. The couple in the booth next to ours were from Sydney. He is a retired over the road truck driver. He said he had a hard time reconciling a God of love with all the hurt he sees in the world. There is nothing new under the sun for we have heard this before, haven't you? David gave him a couple of tracts which he said he would read. The dates for the show next year are 3-5 May. This means we will just get back from the mini-furlough in time to do the show. The same people have booked the site next to ours so the Lord willing we will find out if he read the tracts.>

Australia has been in the midst of debate for reconciliation between the Aborigines and Europeans for several years. It seems to be getting more vocal in the last year or so. Dubbo recently had what was called a healing day. The day after the event the local newspaper had this article "Response to day 'a start' for city's journey of healing". It said in part "Gathered in the shadows nearby a small band of 60 or so people stood silent in the crisp morning air paying their respects to the original inhabitants of Dubbo, the Wiradjuris. The occasion was the 34th anniversary of the day, May 26 1967, when Aborigines were first recognised as Australian citizens, counted in the census and given the right to vote. Later that afternoon at 5pm a cleansing ceremony took place at the Cyril Flood Rotunda in Macquarie Street. After being daubed with white ochre on their foreheads, participants were shown how to clear and enhance their senses by bathing their ears, eyes and mind with eucalyptus smoke."

Peter Rahme (an independent Baptist pastor in Sydney) wrote the Eternity tract last year and has now written a tract on the subject of reconciliation. The front of the tract has a colour photo of a reconciliation march held in Sydney and really hits the point that the most important reconciliation is between God and man! The following is a portion of the tract. "The love for the cause To some the message of reconciliation is just a means to an end, the obvious one, politically speaking, is to get more votes whether it be from carrying babies in the supermarkets or banners in the streets. To others it is an end in itself, a fulfillment of a long held dream, a lifelong pursuit, even a legacy to leave behind without it being stolen from the next generation. The left out component

However the picture does not seem to be complete and one gets the uncomfortable feeling that something or someone is missing from the equation. Question - What might that be? Clue-- Well, if we go back to the beginning we'll discover the clue is in our Nation's pre-amble: "humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God ". You see in the midst of all the passion and pride, "Almighty God and His Blessing" was left out in what seemed to be either accidentally or deliberately or both. And as long as God is either sincerely left out or strategically and systemically put out, the message of Reconciliation - as it is now, would falter, fall and ultimately fail. But our nation can and will experience the Blessed meaning of reconciliation, only if and when, her people receive the Biblical mandate of reconciliation of God's design."

David has ordered one thousand of these tracts at a cost of two hundred dollars. If you would like to help defray the cost of these please send your gift to Brother Weinberg at Evangel specifying your gift for Australian tracts. Pray God will be pleased to use these and other tracts, the preaching services, door knocking, letterbox drops, the Dubbo Show, and the letters and visits to new parents to reach some lost soul for Himself. Our desire is to reach the lost for Jesus Christ but to do it in His way! Many today seek to help God's work along by aligning themselves with the Devil's crowd. Just today we received the minutes from the ecumenical Dubbo Minister's Association. One of the ecumenical events they plan for this year is a combined church doorknock. One goal they hope to achieve is to "Communicate to the community a unity among the Dubbo Christian Churches." This unity includes Roman Catholic, Assembly of God, Baptist Union and several other denominations. We know we are not telling you anything new but it is never right to do wrong to do right! Spurgeon well said "He who cannot calmly leave his affairs in God's handΓ0 is very likely to be tempted to use wrong means to help himself. This sin leads to a forsaking of God as our counsellor, and resorting instead to human wisdom. This is going to the 'broken cistern' instead of to the 'fountain;' a sin which was laid against Israel of old. Γ0. Thus want of confidence in God leads us to wander far from HimΓ0" God never looks with favour on our working with the ungodly. 2 Chronicles 20:37 "Because thou hast joined thyself with Ahaziah, the LORD hath broken thy works."

Please continue to pray as we seek to bring glory to God and reach the lost for Him. Thank you for your prayers and financial support.

 To God be the glory,

David and Pam Bennett


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