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Pray for the Bennetts in Australia as they with God's help and for His glory are seeking to establish: Western Plains Baptist Fellowship, and Gilgandra Baptist Fellowship as New Testament Baptist churches.



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June, 2002

Dear Prayer Warriors,

Lamentations 3: 21-24 "This I recall to my mind, therefore have I hope. It is of the LORD'S mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness. The LORD is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him."

We rejoice as we recall the LORD'S mercies through these many years and the precious fact that His compassions "fail not." He is our Hope and Help through the bright and not so bright days. However, the Lord also brings to mind your labour in the gospel through faithful praying and giving for us and the ministry. YOU HAVE BEEN FAITHFUL! THANK YOU! Whether you are in "fulltime" ministry or serving the Lord in "secular" ministry you know as we the bright and not so bright days that sometimes pass our way. Recently we read where Robert Murray McCheyne said "A dark hour makes Jesus bright." Praise the Lord!

Again we would remind you that if you have email to note our above address. We seek to send at least one email news note each month. As we are only sending a hard copy about once a quarter through snail mail we urge you to keep up to date with ministry and family news via email. The end of this year (2002) local postage within Australia is rising to 50 cents. They have not yet said anything concerning overseas mail but presently a letter to the states costs $1.50. That is why we emphasize knowing your email address. We also attach a Word 2000 copy to the email so if you have Word 98 or above you should be able to open it without too much problem. Don't you just love it when people say that?

Recently David finished reading SPURGEON & SON by Craig Skinner. In the early years of his ministry Thomas Spurgeon spent a considerable amount of time in Australia and New Zealand. He was followed by Torrey and others. On page 181 it says "in 1912, the power of God shook the entire Australian nation, touching almost every city and major country center." Our prayer is that God may be pleased to do the same once again in this land! Last month David had a counseling session with Reg, an unsaved man. He is temporarily working for the local Dubbo council as an engineer. He has a wife and three children in Sydney but has been separated from them for about seven years. His wife is a practicing Roman Catholic from the Philippines. Reg was brought up Church of England but since his separation has tried the JW's and charismatics. He has a story to tell but really needs the Lord. Pray for Reg's salvation.

One Monday evening last month at a State Emergency Service (SES) meeting David was asked to sit in on a disagreement between one of the leaders and a married couple in the SES membership. It was a little hot for awhile with another meeting scheduled. Again these are people who do not know it but they need the Lord Jesus. David has witnessed to the leader mentioned above many times before.

David had a terrible back problem in early May. He finally broke down and went to the doctor and while there he also received a flu shot. So far he has not gotten the flu but Pam and others have not been so fortunate. The following article, DUBBO SNIFFS AT NATION'S EARLY START TO FLU SEASON, is from the local newspaper. We quote only a portion. "With winter fast approaching Dubbo seems to have escaped 'the early start to the flu season' being experienced in other parts of New South Wales and Victoria. Population health director for Macquarie Area Health Service Dr Tony Brown revealed last week only a few cases of influenza had been reported in the past fortnight. Dr Brown was speaking to the Daily Liberal after health authorities in Victoria claimed there were increased cases of flu in children in NSW and Victoria while warning that outbreaks would spread more widely in the coming weeks." The first of June was the first day of winter. Again we want to thank you for your prayers. In May the evil head of the euthanasia debate was again raised in Australia when a seventy year old woman committed suicide with her family present. She thought (or led the media along that path) she had incurable cancer. However, when an autopsy was performed it showed she had an "inoperable twisted bowel" and not cancer. Also in May the Dalai Lama was in Australia drawing over one hundred and ten thousand people to various venues to "hear his simple words of wisdom; and presumably, most have come away feeling their lives have been enriched by the experience. The immediate appeal of the Tibetan leader's uncomplicated recipe for happiness and inner peace says much about a Western culture which believes itself to be spiritually starved." Sydney Morning Herald 27 May, 2002. Thousands flock to hear a man that has no answers! People who are "dead in trespasses and sins" seeking spiritual help from one who too is 'dead in trespasses and sins." Sad is it not? In the 18 and 1900's thousands went to hear the Word of God preached by Thomas Spurgeon, R. A. Torrey and J. Wilbur Chapman. Now it is the Dali Lama! John Newton said "The Gospel of Christ, the glorious Gospel of the blessed God, is the only effectual means for reforming mankind. It causes the blind to see, the deaf to hear; it softens the heart of stone, and raises the dead in trespasses and sins to a life of righteousness."



1. David's father who has dementia. When David last saw him two years ago he was not real good and he has not gotten any better. He misses David's mother terribly but with witner over he can now visit her grave more often. He knows the Lord for which we are thankful.

2. Pam's mother who is 87 continues in good health for her age. She does not know the Lord.


1. Dana, our youngest grandchild has now one tooth and is setting up on her own. Her older sister Abigail continues to grow like a weed. These are Matthew's girls.

2. Robbie and Corrine were both chosen as Awana clubbers of the year. Robby is a Sparky and Corrine a Cubby. Doesn't seem too long ago their mother (Becky) was a clubber herself.

3. Taylor is now a teen! Where do the years go? He and Jeremy are Kathy's sons and live in Chattanooga.


1. Mark for salvation.

2. Nathan for salvation.

3. Robyn for salvation.

4. Bob and Elizabeth for salvation.

5. John for salvation.

6. Reg for salvation.

7. Jonathan and Lynne for spiritual growth.

8. Jim and Margaret for spiritual growth.

9. Abel and Phyllis for spiritual growth. Abel has had some mental problems as well.

10. John and Rose for physical health and spiritual growth. They live at the Jack Towney Hostel in Gilgandra.

In closing we are reminded of something Mary Winslow (whose husband spoke at the dedication of Spurgeon's Tabernacle in 1861) wrote: "How poor and unsatisfying are all things here below; even the best and the loveliest! Oh, to walk more intimately with Him, to live above the world, and hold the creature with a looser hand, taking God's Word as our guiding light; our unfailing spring of comfort. God has eternally provided such a magnificent and holy heaven for us above, that He is jealous lest we should set our hearts too fondly and closely upon the attractions of earth. Therefore it is that He withers our gourds and breaks our cisterns; only to dislodge us here, and lead us to seek those things which are above, where Christ our treasure is."

Your Missionaries to Australia,

David and Pam Bennett

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